Non-Asset Truckload and LTL Solutions

R² Freight and Logistics, through its agency relationship with TTS, excels at servicing the truckload, LTL, flatbed and reefer market from an ever growing carrier network that is over 25,000 approved and active carriers and backed by $1.0 million cargo coverage.

Our dedicated operations team provides personal 24/7/365 coverage that is organized by customer.  We solved the 1-800 number frustration that plagues so many businesses today by aligning a Customer Ops Manager (and their mobile number) for each shipper.  This means that the person you work with in the morning is the same you deal with after hours.  No more will you get the response of "let me look at the system notes and I'll get back with you".

For those situations where a call is not required, our customers have full access through the #1 cloud based TMS in the market today. 

Temperature controlled truck container

TL & LTL Freight Services

R² has experts in truckload and LTL ready to serve you with over-the-top service; strong carrier partners; and competitive pricing.  We optimize of relationships with our technology to bring the best solution for the situation: intermodal, truckload, LTL, temp, hazmat.

Pool Distribution Map

Temp Controlled Freight Solutions

The R² Freight and Logistics temp controlled services team can handle intermodal, TL, LTL or special pooling / consolidation programs.  The R² technology is integral to the shipment to keep the focus on the technical requirements needed for successful temp controlled delivery.

Red 18 wheel truck rig

$1.0 Million Cargo Liability Coverage

As we often say here at R² that freight is more than a rate. There is no better example then when something goes wrong for a shipper.  With R², shippers find they are covered with up to $1.0 million of cargo liability per shipment. 

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